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This website has been created as just one piece of the history of many different locations within Michigan. This site is special because it is actually connected to the main Michigan History website that has a unique way of learning about the different cities and towns in Michigan. In a more geographical way, one can pick a location they wish too see by clicking on a pin on the corresponding location within Michigan.

The purpose of this Macomb Township website is to be a part of this entire collection of cities and towns throughout Michigan. It has been created for a special project in Dr. Rosentreter’s Michigan History class. By the project’s end, the map of Michigan on the Michigan History website will be full of pins to choose from. One thing to know is that this is not only a project, but it is a way to express one’s pride in their respective home town as well as the very interesting history of their home town. As for me, I am from Macomb Township, and there are many things that are not known about this township. It is such a great experience to learn about the area you live in. I never knew much about where I have been living, so it was very nice to finally figure out things that have happened throughout time from the very beginning of Macomb Township. It is a delight to share this kind of information with the world. Therefore, this site has been created for that reason.

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