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Farmington Hills is a city in Southeastern Michigan, on the southern edge of Oakand County. First populated in the 1830’s, Farmington Township was settled initially as cheap land perfect for farming, and was part of the reason the city is named how it is today. In the mid 1900s, as a combination of the Baby Boom and families leaving the densely populated cities, the township grew to a point where the farming city was better suited to make hundreds of new homes for the expanding population.  It grew to a point where it was decided that it was best to break off Farmington Township into two seperate cities, Farmington and Farmington Hills. Farmington Hills and surrounding suburban communities have grown to contain a large amount of the Metropolitan Detroit area’s work force today.


Farmington Hills boats a population of 80,000 in its 33 sq mi area, most of which being the traditional family household that the suburbs cater to. The city itself is almost entirely divided into residential areas and small businesses ran by those living in either Farmington Hills or neighboring suburbs.