Historic Northville: Mill Race Village

Mill Race Village

The Mill Race Village in Northville, Michigan was created in 1972 by the Northville Historical Society.  The village preserves architecture from Northville that was common in the area before 1900.  The land on which the village is built was donated to the City of Northville by the Ford Motor Company.  The was once home to the city’s first grist.  One of the featured buildings are the General Store.  It was originally built between 1830 and 1850 on Main Street and many businesses have operated out of the building over the years.  It was rescued from demolition and restored in 2010.  Another building in Mill Race Village is the Wash Oak School, one of the few remaining schoolhouses in Michigan.  The schoolhouse was built in 1873 and operated until 1966.  It is still used as a classroom for students that visit the village on school field trips.  The Yerkes house is another building featured in Mill Race Village.  It was built in 1873.

Many events and educational tours are held at the Village.  One of the most prominent events is the Victorian Festival that is held annually.  The festival features civil war re-enactments, a duck race, and a cemetery walk.  There is also an annual Garden Walk that allows vendors of flowers and garden decorations to sell their products in the Village.  Every 4th of July there is also a celebration in Mill Race Village.  Guests can eat and watch fireworks while listening to bands play in traditional dress of the first settlers of Northville.


The General Store

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