Gun Lake Resorts


In the 1800s, the Morrell family bought farm land on Gun Lake. They would rent out some of their rooms, as well as fishing boats for guests to take advantage of the “fishing haven” that Gun Lake provided. After a few years, the Morrell’s built a detached resort that would house their guests. They owned this resort for ten years before selling it off.

A popular vacation destination for many years, Gun Lake provided a variety of fun activities in the summer that brought in plenty of tourism. There was a “5-day farmers picnic” which was a sort of festival where tourists would come to camp and listen to music alongside the lake. The resort previously owned by the Morrell’s ended up in the ownership of two former Chicago residents who were sick of the city life and wanted to enjoy the peaceful Gun Lake full-time.

The Dwight’s built a peaceful empire on the property. A two-and-a-half Colonial Revival style home was built, which “feature a full-length porch and a natural exterior of both cobblestone and wood shingles, with a massive chimney stack.” The Dwight’s enjoyed entertaining in their home, and once they passed, the beautiful home stood empty for 30 years, as nobody wants to disturb its magnificence.

8c9bc799b8a22e03c70ec9906bfdedcbHowever, in the late 1900s the Martin couple purchased and renovated the property, turning into the Bay Pointe Restaurant, which still sits on the lake today, although it has undergone another renovation since then. Today, endless numbers of families come to stay at the resort during the summers, throwing weddings, dining, and enjoying the peacefulness of the lake that the Dwight’s loved so much while they stayed in the very same spot.