Grant: Not Just a Small Town


As many people tend to believe, Grant is a small town on the outskirts of Ashland township.  However, just because it is small in size, does not mean it is small in personality.  The city has a strong history and has made many important ties to the cities surrounding it.

The small city of Grant was first named Grant Center, however it was shortened to Grant after the Civil War to honor General Grant (google books).  However the Grant’s reputation did not grow until Andrew J. Squier moved there.  Squier was an aspiring lumber man who wanted to expand the logging business in Grant.  In order to do so he created Grant’s first saw mill and railroad station (Shwartz).  These additions did not only help Grant’s reputation, but was a great addition to the entire Ashland township.

Even though Andrew J. Squier built Grant’s reputation, he was not the only key figure to the city.  There also was William Herman Bolthouse and Kristian Ostergaard.  William H. Bolthouse was the owner of the successful produce farm in Grant.  He had inherited it from his father, but instead of only selling to local markets, he began to expand the business across the nation.  Kristian Ostergaard formed a Dannish folk school in Grant to teach the Dutch immigrants who began moving to the area.

Grant’s population has been growing the past few years.  According to the 2010 census the population had grown to 894 people (Everything Explained).

Even though it is such a small town, there are still many travel destinations one can go to.  First there is Blanche Lake.  Blanche Lake is a popular hangout for many of the locals, students go there on break from classes and adults on breaks from work.  With a newly built dock many of the visitors will sit out on the dock.  Once a year, for a weekend in August,  Grant holds its Old Fashioned Days festival.  This festival combines Grant’s history with current events of the city.  There are historic displays of the past, for example looking at the old feed mill and train station turned to restaurant.  However there are also more current events for the population, for example there is cage fighting and a beer tent.


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