Fraser: Population Growth

white flight

White Flight

IMG_1506Fraser had relatively slow population growth with its population only being around 750 in 1940. This would all quickly change with the introduction of the interstate highway system, and the mass migration of Caucasians and immigrants from Detroit. With the advent of the highways systems it allowed people to live in the suburbs and commute to work. This along with whites fleeing from neighborhoods because of “invasive black families” caused the population of Fraser to explode. The white flight caused the population to grow over 3,300 residents by 1956. The village now had enough residents to become a city. During that year Fraser annexed a square mile of Erin township to bring its total size to four square miles. Late that year Fraser approved a new city charter, and in January, 1957 Fraser officially became a city.(Meyers) The continual migration of thousands of whites caused Fraser to have fabulous growth over the 1960’s. In that decade Fraser grew by 68% spurring a balanced community.


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