Flint and General Motors, a Century-Old Relationship

Photo Credit: Flint Oldtimers Hockey CLub
Photo Credit: Flint Oldtimers Hockey Club


When discussing the history of the city of Flint, Michigan, the importance of General Motors cannot be overstated. Given the size of the city combined with the size of the class, I knew others would also be focusing on Flint. I decided, instead, to turn my focus on General Motors in Flint, a sizable topic of itself. I knew I couldn’t accurately illustrate the impact General Motors has had on Flint, so decided on the even more specific topic of General Motors workers and their impact that is found in Flint today.  When I came up with the idea to write about the remains of the General Motors “Titans of the industry” in Flint, I found that a good list of these people and places did not exist. I decided I would try to make such a list, even if little information of the person could be found. After consulting with experts/historians of Flint, I believe I have created the best list to date. With each person a short-medium length “Personal History” of the figure is included, and is followed up with what I have found to be their remaining connection and history of that piece of the city of Flint. Although I have spent considerable time researching and this list is intended to be a complete list of the General Motors men who gave our buildings and major roadways their names, there is too much that either wasn’t recorded or wasn’t available to me at the time of writing. If you have any further information you feel should be included about the people listed, or know of someone or something I did not list, please feel free to email me at james@jamesking.co

That being said, I may lose the ability to edit or add to this in the future.

Hopefully this is as interesting to read as it was to research,

James King

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