Arthur Giles Bishop

Foreword: After reading through Larry Gustin’s book on Billy Durant, I noticed a section stating the early investors in Buick Motor Company which would become a part of General Motors; including W A Atwood and A G Bishop. After some more research I determined these must be William A. Atwood and Arthur Giles Bishop who worked together, along with a few other early GM investors at the Genesee County Savings Bank.


Personal History:

Arthur Giles Bishop was a banker in Flint who pledged $2,500 dollars to William Durant to help him bring the Buick Motor Company to Flint. This money bought him 25 shares of the company. Bishop worked at the Genesee County Savings Bank working with the like of: William Wallace Crapo, William A. Atwood, Josiah Dort, Charles Mott, and another early GM investor George C. Wilson. Bishop was eventually named to the General Motors Board by William Durant.


Flint Connection:

Photo Credit: Bishop Airport

Photo Credit: Bishop Airport

Arthur Giles Bishop donated a large amount of land and money to create what would eventually become Bishop International Airport in Flint, MI. Bishop Airport is an important economic tool that brings the city many travelers and jobs. Bishop Airport has gone through many renovations and improvements in recent years, including the recent addition of a new runway.

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