Farmington, Michigan


A sign welcoming all to Farmington. Photo from

A sign welcoming all to Farmington

Founded nearly 200 years ago, Farmington, Michigan and its counterpart Farmington Hills stand today as pieces of history in the state of Michigan. The first settled area in western Oakland County, Farmington was used as a model for many of the towns that formed farther to the west after Farmington’s creation. Though one of many towns created during the rush to the West and to new beginnings, Farmington makes its mark as a town fueled both by both history and contemporary life. Amidst hardships and triumphs, Farmington has prevailed, and the history of the town is one that, despite a history similar to that of many pioneer towns across the country, stands on its own as a balance between the wisdom of the past and the cunning of the future. The history of Farmington is not one that can be easily summed up. It is the story of a town created from the ground up, by a people who welcomed the new experiences that being on the frontier would bring. Enjoy this glimpse into the vibrant past of Farmington, and the ways that the town’s past is still celebrated today.