The Farmington Hills Legacy





The history of a place is something often overlooked, cast off, determined irrelevent. But a place is much more than a unique combination of coordinates. A place is four-dimentional history book. A place to not only learn about the past, but to physically, psychologically experience its reppercussions. Without place, we would lose all perspective on time. This is why projects like this one is so important. An opportunity to truly rediscover the history beneath our feet. I, Meghan Hurley grew up in Farmington Hills Michigan. I learned to ride bikes there, went to the movies there, graduated high school there; yet I never took a moment to experience the history around me. Now, thanks to History 320, I have had that opportunity. And although nothing extraordinary unfolded here. Nothing normally noted in U.S. History textbooks happened here, I gained a new perspective, respect even for the place I live. This place has been home to people for hundreds of years and I am proud to say I am a part of its history.

So here, I have compiled some of the historical happenings of my hometown. Explore, and enjoy your trip back through the Farmington Hills legacy.