Notable Figures

Over the years Rochester Hills has boasted a cast of notable figures that have gone on to have great success in their careers and fields of interest. They are as follows:

Madonna Louise Ciccone (a.k.a Madonna)
Born 16th, 1958, Madonna is an American singer, singwriter, and actress. Today she is known as “The Queen of Pop”, and has been cited as a major inlfuene among other artists around the world. Originaly born in Bay City, Michigan, she was raised in Rochester Hills (then Avon Township) and attended Rochester Adams High School.


Paul Davis
Paul Davis, born July 21st, 1984, is an American professional basketball player, currently playing for the VTB United League in Russia. Davis started his early basketball career at Ruether Middle school, located on East Auburn Rd. Davis next attended Rochester High School, where he was named Mr. Basketball of Michigan in 2002. He then spent the next four years playing at Michigan State University.

Paul Davis - Orlando Magic
Paul Davis – Orlando Magic

Walt Kowalczyk
Walt Kowalcyzk is a former National Football League defensive tackle and fullback who graduated from Rochester High School. During his career he played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, and Dallas Cowyboys. During his colligient career at Michigan State he placed third in Heisman voting in 1957. Today his presence is known in Rochester for the driver’s education classes he teaches.

Walter J. Kowalczyk
Walter J. Kowalczyk


Peter Vanderkaay
Peter Vanderkaay is a retired, four time gold medal winning U.S. swimmer. Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, he graduated from Rochester Adams High School in 2002. He is a two time Michigan high school state champion in the 500 yard freestyle. At the University of Michigan he holds six NCAA tiltles, and 14 Big Ten Titles. He retired after the 2012 Summer Olympic games.

Peter Vanderkaay
Peter Vanderkaay


Brothers Greg and Tim Hildebrant

The Hildebrant brothers, born January 23, 1939, in Detroit are most famously known for there fantasy, and science fiction art works. Both began to paint professionally in 1959. They are most famously known today for designing the first Star-Wars film posters, their art work in Magic The Gathering, and in the Original Lord of the Rings illustrations.

Hildebrandt Brothers Star Wars
Hildebrandt Brothers Star Wars
Lord of the Rings by the brothers Hildebrandt
Lord of the Rings by the Brothers Hildebrandt

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