East Grand Rapids

“East Grand Rapids was first settled in the early 1830s when the Reed Family arrived from New York State.” It was voted upon to become the village of East Grand Rapids in 1891. “By the 1870s, the Reeds Lake area was a popular summertime day trip destination for the people of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas who made the long journey to spend the day picnicking, boating, swimming, or spending a leisurely day at the lake.” Later in the 1890’s steam boats were being used in order to transport civilians from the downtown area of Grand Rapids to the small city of East Grand Rapids, but others also used horse drawn carriages.

One of the main attractions that brought civilians from Downtown Grand Rapids to the small town of East Grand Rapids was Romona Park. “The amusement park, owned and operated by the Grand Rapids Street Railway Company, was a destination spot for thousands of families between 1897 and 1955.” This amusement park was complete with many rides, including the crowd favorite Jack Rabbit Derby Racer. “Built in 1914, this double track, wooden roller coaster included an 80 percent drop! There were a great number of other rides and activities at the park, including the merry-go-round, fun house, mystic chutes, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, aeroswings and a miniature locomotive that toured the park.” Gerald R. Ford even worked at one of the concession stands during his early years in Grand Rapids.

East Grand Rapids school district is among the highest preforming school districts in the state of Michigan. “None of Michigan’s school districts have reported higher excelling rates.” EGR has” t has more National Merit students than any other public school of its size in Michigan.” East Grand Rapids is a very high performing school district with amazing students who excel in both the fine arts as well as sports. The East Grand Rapids High School has accumulated more than 125 state Championships throughout its history. The EGR High School Football team is tired for the record of the most repeating State Championship with a total of Five consecutive State Championships.

East Grand Rapids is an amazing place grow up, raise a family, and grow old in. Its beautiful scenery and deep sense of the tradition of a community make it an easy destination for families to enjoy. With it being a simple 10 minute drive to downtown Grand Rapids it allows for people to gain the feeling of being in a big city, while still gaining the intimacy of a small local town.

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