Early Michigan Center

Early 19th Century Highlights

During the Early 1900’s the town of Michigan Center latched on to the nearby city of Jackson. Jackson being the railroad city, it had a few popular industry’s. The most popular industry was the Jackson Corset Co.(4).  This corset company was the largest corset manufacturer in the US in the early 1900’s. The citizens in Michigan Center work in these industry’s or with the railroad.

School District Early Historyold_school

The first school built in Michigan Center was built in the 1850’s. The school was located on the south side of broad street where the current day Keicher Elementary School is built (3). Later in 1869 the wooden school building was torn down and rebuilt. This was the first school built in the area to actually hold enough students. There were classes of 15 for 8 different grades.

The Depression

During the depression the school district had a big hit. The community voted to restrict its funds right after building an new school building in 1921. The school virtually had no funding because they still had to pay for the new building out of budget. The new building was a 2 story tall building that is still there today. This building housed the schools new community sports facility.

The school being a big part of the community made it citizens suffer because of the depression. Staff members such as custodians, cafeteria workers, and teachers were laid off(3). big_school


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