Community Groups in Huntington Woods

All residents wanted the best for Huntington Woods. In order to make sure that what they wanted happened they formed clubs and associations. There are over twenty groups formed because of this dedication towards the city. Below are a description of a few of the groups in the community.

  • The Residents Association was formed in January  of 1925. They were concerned with basic needs like garbage disposal and fire protection. This association has helped to make Huntington Woods a community where everyone would like to move too. This group helped with zoning regulations during a period of high growth. This group has an executive board made up elected members, each represented a different part of the community. One of the main events that this groups hosts annually is the new residents reception for those who have just recently moved to Huntington Woods. With the reception the association wants to show that Huntington Woods is a community where everyone is looking out for one another and that the new residents should not be afraid to get involved.
  • Huntington Woods Study Club began to form in 1941. The hope of this group was to find a way to best serve the community through emphasis on study activities.

    Originally from "The History of Huntington Woods"

    Originally from “The History of Huntington Woods”

  • Huntington Woods Volunteer Firemen was organized from a Civilian Defense Auxiliary. This group began in 1949. The men in this group received basic training by the city but if they wanted to learn more they could attend a class at Michigan State University or the University of Michigan.
  • Huntington Woods Women’s Club started out informally, just as a way to keep in contact with one another but within five years (1928) the women decided to make it more official. The club is focused on community service and is always trying do what they can to help out groups in need.
  • Huntington Woods Men’s Club unlike the women was not formed 1975 but this because prior the men were apart of the Huntington Woods Jaycees. The purpose of the mens club is “to provide civic service and provide its membership training in leadership and civic consciousness” (Ray Ballard, pg. 49). One of their main fundraising events if the Service auction, here they have all of the items or services donated and then what ever money they receive they find a way to use it in the community. These uses include things like helping with the construction of a new playground, new computers for school and library, a new city bus, etc.
  • Huntington Woods Teen Council is a group of students in grades sixth to twelfth. They help to organize trips, community service events, and recreational activities. This is place where teens can be themselves and let their voices be heard. This group wants to show teens that if they have idea, that they do not have to go to some adult to do what they want. The Teen Council is where a teen can make changes in the community as long as they are dedicated. It is a group that has been very successful and popular among the teen population in the community. One of their main charitable efforts is every other year they organize a charity softball game against the Public Safety Department where they raise money for a different organization.  The council is also distinguished across the state of Michigan. They have received many awards from the Michigan Park and Recreation association either for a program they have come up with or for being the best teen council of the year.
  • Plus many others!Huntington Woods Teen Council