Community and Recreation in Ironwood

Just North of Ironwood one finds the massive Copper Peak Ski Jump. Awarded the title of the “largest artificial ski jump in the world” by the site’s official webpage, Copper Peak was built in 1969. The building of this now iconic landmark was no easy affair, the million dollar endeavor required the use of 300 tons of steel. (5)


Although Copper Peak is no longer used for it’s original purpose, this massive structure is still used to this day, and attracts tourists to the Ironwood area. The jump lies just North of Ironwood and is surrounded by the strikingly scenic Ottawa National Forest. In addition, it is also neighboring many other, functioning, skiing recreational areas which Ironwood has come to be known for.

After a journey including a 800 foot chairlift and a ride up 26 stories in an elevator, visitors of Copper Peak find themselves 1000 feet above Lake Superior surrounded by a vast view of the lake and forest. From this lookout point, one is able to see three different states, and peer across Lake Superior to Canada on the other side. (6)


If you are someone who prefers less adventurous forms of recreation and community involvement, Ironwood is also known for its theatre. The Historic Ironwood Theatre was built as a showplace for vaudeville performances and silent movies in 1928. This historical landmark prospered during the Hollywood Golden Age and was considered the best source of entertainment in Ironwood. (14)

Throughout its history, the ownership of the Historic Ironwood Theatre changed hands multiple times. In 1963 the theater was privately owned by Thomas Renn until it was closed and returned back to the city in 1982. After this point, the city began renovations on the historical structure, and eventually Ironwood’s theater gained a spot on the National Registry of Historical Places. (11)

The Downtown Art Place is another source of art and culture for Ironwood. Known as the DAP this nonprofit organization with a prominent downtown location is another important community resource. (1)

Mission Statement of Downtown Art Place:

“The mission of the DAP is to promote and sustain the creation and appreciation of the visual arts in the greater Ironwood area. The DAP is also dedicated to promoting local and regional artists in its galleries, gift shop, and arts education, and is committed to partnering with its neighbor, the Historic Ironwood Theatre.”