City Council

The Marysville City Council is a 7 member elected group including the mayor and the pro term mayor. They are  given the responsibility of determining all municipal policies, they adopt the city’s ordinances and resolutions and, also approves the city’s budget . Elections for the city council are  each two years in the odd year elections.

The city council meets every second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:30 pm- 8:30pm in the Marysville City Hall Building. Which is located at 1111 Delaware Avenue, Marysville. All meeting are open to the public for citizens to voice their opinions.

To contact anyone on the council with questions, concerns, or compliments feel free to contact them at the following number (810) 364-6613

Council members
David C. Barber
Michael Buggy
Rita Hendricks
Wayne P. Pyden
Paul A. Wessel

To see the latest City Council meetings, click on the following links

November 25, 2014:

November 10, 2014:

October 27, 2014:

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