All About Charlotte, Michigan

Charlotte is a city of Michigan located in the southern parts of Eaton County. In 2003, Charlotte’s population was 8,795. Located at the junction of M-50, M-79, and interstate 69/US-27.


Before Charlotte, Michigan became official, it was owned by the U.S. Government until it was purchased by George Barnes in 1832. Three years later in 1835, Barnes sold it to Edmond B. Bostwick of New York City and then sold a portion to H.I. Lawrence, Townsend Harris and Francis Cochran. All of these men are responsible for the creation of Charlotte, Michigan, named after Bostiwick’s wife, Charlotte. Charlotte officially became a city in 1871.


Charlotte Today:

The city has a total area of

6.50 square miles (16.83 km2),

6.45 square miles (16.71 km2) is land

0.05 square miles (0.13 km2) is water.

The Battle Creek River is in the south part of the city, entering from the southeast and exiting to the southwest.

The Thornapple River watershed is a part of the northern area of the city.



White- 90.7%

Hispanic- 2.3%

Asian- 1.2%

Black- 0.7%

American Indian- 0.6%

Two or more races – 4.5%


German (22.7%)

English (14.8%)

Irish (11.3%)

United States (5.8%)

Dutch (4.1%)

French (3.1%)

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