Bloomfield’s Beginnings

In 1819 Benjamin H. Pierce (the future President’s brother) acquired land in what is now Bloomfield Township but never settled there.  The distinction of first settler goes to John Hunter.  He built a log cabin in the northwest corner later that year and in 1820 he built a new dwelling that served as a tavern and his residence.  The land did not officially become Bloomfield Township until June 20, 1820 Michigan’s territorial governor Lewis Cass designated it as such.  It was likely dubbed “Bloomfield” due to its many beautiful flowers and fields at the time.

Barton Farmhouse

In 1821, John Wetmore purchased a piece of property.  He sold the property shortly thereafter but as early as 1832 a farmhouse was built that is still standing today as the oldest building in the township.  Now known as the Barton farmhouse, it is located about a mile away from its original site.  A developer bought the property in 2007 so it was relocated to Bower’s Farm.