Muskegon’s Bike Time

Bike Time Muskegon

Muskegon’s “Bike Time” has become one of the most highly anticipated annual events since it came to fruition in 2007. The massive four-day event brings together motorcycle enthusiasts from throughout Michigan, but also draws a considerable amount of bikers from across the United States. Some sources estimate that “the event now draws an average of over 65,000 bikes and 100,000 people to the lake-shore community of Muskegon,” (Muskegon Bike Time: Experience pp. 1). I have personally had the opportunity to attend the first Bike Time event in 2007, as well as the gathering in 2013. It has been an incredible experience to watch the attendance base grow substantially since its first year of operation.

Bike Time also draws a considerable crowd of music fanatics to the event, which typically takes place during the first three days of the event (Ibid). Iconic artists such as 38 Special, Boston, and Steve Augeri [Journey’s former lead singer] have performed at the events main stage, the Steel Horse Station (Arino pp. 1). Attendees are required to pay ticket fees if they care to see artists perform on the main stage, which is located directly in front of the Harley Davidson dealership. However, Bike Time has a plethora of other stages surrounding the event that showcase the talent of local artists, as well as those from throughout the state of Michigan. Concert attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide array of music that includes: rock, classic rock, jazz, blues, and country (Ibid pp. 1).

Stunt TeamThroughout the four day event, attendees can choose between a vast number of entertainment options. Bike enthusiasts can ogle at the cutting edge motorcycles showcased in the “Extreme Custom Bike Show,” which takes place during the second and third day of the event (Muskegon Bike Time: Events pp. 1). Attendees can also watch the Team Relentless Street Bike Stunt Show, in which you will see a “display of extreme wheelies, burnouts and seemingly impossible stunts,” (Ibid). Although there is no shortage of entertainment options for the adults at Bike Time, multiple attractions have been added to keep the children entertained. Children now have the options of trying their luck on the mechanical bull, climbing a rock-wall, or using the bungee trampoline (Ibid pp. 1).



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