Augustus Woodward


Augustus Woodward arrived to Detroit in 1805 just days after the massive fire on June 11, 1805 burning almost the entire city to ground except for Fort Shelby. Augustus Woodward devised a plan to bring back the city of Detroit. In the book “The Making of America: A history of city planning in the United States”, One of John Williams reps, described the plan as  ” One of the most unusual city plans ever devised”. This plan was to divide Detroit into an equilateral triangle, having each side the length of four thousand feet. Every angle would be bisected by a perpendicular line upon the opposite side. One of these perpendicular lines would be known as Woodward Avenue. Despite claims and rumors that the street got its name because the avenue ran towards the woods, a more logical story would be that the judge named the street after himself. Leaving his mark on the City of Detroit not only with a street named after him, but also being known for the plan that would help the reconstruction of Detroit after the 1805 Fire.