Attractions In Frankfort

The Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm is one of many famous attractions to see while visiting Frankfort, Michigan. The alpaca farm was established in 2001 by the Nelson family. Their farm has sold hundreds of alpacas, many of which went on to become prize winners. The Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm was awarded the, “2014 National Huacaya Small Breeder Of The Year.” (Calabrese) Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome to come to this farm and visit with the Alpacas as well as purchase collectibles inside the Boutique ran by the Nelson Family. The Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm is a unique and fun way for families to spend time together and learn about alpacas.

John H. King was the first to construct the Frankfort Lighthouse starting on October 15, 1873. After several improvements on the size, height, and types of lights, the permanent location of the lighthouse was established in 1897 (Anderson). Standing 67 feet, the Frankfort Lighthouse attracts thousands of people yearly. People are able to walk on the pier leading up to the lighthouse where they can view the beautiful Lake Michigan Coastline.

Surrounding the Lighthouse is Lake Michigan Beach where visitors can walk the shoreline, play volleyball, or enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Michigan. South of Lake Michigan Beach is a more remote beach called Elberta Beach. With a short drive around Betsie Bay, visitors are able to experience breath-taking views of Lake Michigan as well as a different viewpoint of the Frankfort Lighthouse. Unlike Lake Michigan Beach, Elberta Beach allows dogs to visit the beach with their owners.

Trick Dog is an art gallery that overlooks the beautiful Lake Michigan. Greg and Linda Jaris introduced Trick Dog to Frankfort in 1998 using three Michigan Ironwood trees to support the building! Inside you can find unique art pieces as well as a café and espresso bar for visitors to purchase while admiring the beautiful pieces of art. Visitors are also welcome to purchase, “Various gift items, such as a fine selection of children’s toys, functional tea and coffee products, dog accessories, unusual housewares, handmade jewelry, and exclusive Trick Dog merchandise.” (Calabrese) After visiting Trick Dog, visitors are able to admire the beautiful view of Frankfort from the porch while finishing their unique drinks and snacks.

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