Michigan History

Ann Arbor: Personal History

10628276_10205428598024691_1057403226494969090_nMy family moved from Canton, Michigan to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the summer of 1998. We have lived in the same house for sixteen years, and my parents don’t plan on leaving anytime soon! My mom and dad wanted my sister and I to grow up in a city that focuses on promoting the arts, has a great public education system, and also a place that is a beautiful to live. Ann Arbor offers it residents all of these ideals through many music, theatre, and art events, strong public schools, and beautiful hills and trees. I attended Dicken Elementary School, Slauson Middle School, and Pioneer High School. Our move to Ann Arbor gave me a well-rounded education that helped prepare me for my life at MSU, enjoyment of music, art, and theatre in society, and an appreciation for natural beauty.