Michigan History

Ann Arbor: A Place to Call Home


Ann Arbor is a midsize town of 114,000 people that offers residents a big city feel of sophistication. Ann Arbor is home to one of our country’s most renowned university’s, and is composed of a highly diverse population. Because of its reputation as a high quality location for completing one’s post secondary education and is also a highly advanced research center, the city draws in people of all different cultural backgrounds.

The culture of Ann Arbor directly relates to the diverse range of people that live in the city. Ann Arbor offers residents a huge variety of restaurants (over 300 are located within a 20 mile radius) and performances,  embracing it’s multicultural identity.

Ann Arbor has always placed a strong emphasis on promoting culture, especially in the downtown region. Cultural appreciation is a large theme in the city of Ann Arbor, which is reflected through being home to the  University of Michigan Museum of Art, several music venues, and the Michigan Theater.   3002313071_9b9ed91183


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