Adrian’s First Pioneer/Early Life

Originally named Logan, Adrian was founded by Addison Cornstock, a promoter of the Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad, on June 18, 1826. The name town was renamed after the Roman Emperor Hadrian by Cornstock’s wife.The son of a quaker preacher, Cornstock had a difficult relationship with religion throughout his life. Not long after coming to Adrian, Cornstock converted to Methodism but ultimately switched to Catholicism. Life was pretty simple early on  in Adrian, consisting mostly of farming for those that were not a part of the Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad.
The Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad had a fair amount of success. It was one of the first locomotives operating west of the Allegheny Mountains and one of the first to operate a steam locomotive in Michigan. Much of the early life in Adrian revolved around the railroad.(adriancity)

Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad
Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad

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