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Croswell Opera House

First opened in 1866, the Croswell Opera House in the oldest continuously running theater in the state and the third oldest in the country. Upon opening, the Croswell Opera House was used for concerts, lectures, various educational opportunities, minstrel shows, among other things. During its earlier years some famous people to have spoken at the Opera House include Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas. In 1921 Croswell Opera House was converted to a movie theater. It remained a movie theater until 1967 when it was scheduled to be deconstructed. The Adrian Foundation put this to a stop and ultimately saved the building. As a result of this the Fine Arts Association was created in Adrian, with the goal of promoting the arts and preserving the heritage of the Opera House. It continued as a theater after being saved by the Adrian Foundation. In 1976 it was named as one of Michigan’s Historic sites. In 1989 the Croswell Opera House got a much needed face lift. Renovations included new seating, an enlarged orchestral pit, a new stage floor, among other things. The Opera House continued to get improvements as the years went on that today make it a great place to see a show.(croswell)

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