Welcome to “Michigan History,” an online student magazine devoted to the preservation and promotion of Michigan history, culture, and tradition. Run and operated by undergraduate students at Michigan State University, “Michigan History” is designed to showcase student research and connect that research to local heritage and public memory. At “Michigan History” we believe that the classroom must be more than a set of four walls and that assignments can and should live beyond the 15 weeks of a course semester. The magazine then is an ongoing project that exhibits protracted field research into student hometowns, landmarks, and family traditions. This research is the product of continuous interaction between MSU students and local area museum curators, librarians, historical societies, and amateur historians; all of which is made freely available to the public via this web magazine.

Who are we?

We are the students of Dr. Roger Rosentreter, a native Michiganian, who served as the editor of the Michigan History Magazine from 1988 to 2009. During his tenure, the print magazine remained the most widely circulated state history publication in the United States. Today Dr. Rosentreter, who teaches Michigan History at MSU, advises the authors and editors of this online magazine, providing organizational and editorial feedback regarding how our stories are featured. At its core, however, “Michigan History” is the creation of student scholarship. There are a number of ways to browse the magazine. You can do so geographically with the site map or alphabetically on the “List” page if you are interested in a particular village, town, or city. Feel free to spend as much or as little time as you like perusing the site. Our vision is to be a place one can comfortably explore the historical past of Michigan, a place where in-depth research and casual browsing is equally possible.


This class project was supported by LEADR. For more information, visit: http://leadr.msu.edu/