(1) A Stroll Through Clarkston


Today, we’ll be takinIMG_1760g a visual tour of Clarkston as if you were walking through on a beautiful sunny day. This website was designed to mimic a walk through the small downtown of Clarkston, MI. Please follow the pages in the order they are numbered!






















The first land purchase in Clarkston was by the Williams family in nearby Waterford Township in 1823.  Linus Jacox, a squatter, built the first house in 1831. Jacox made no official purchase of the land he settled on. The new settlement attracted a number of families from New York and New Jersey, and in 1832 the first of the Clark family had arrived.  Jeremiah Clark moved tot he settlement in 1832 followed by his brother Nelson in 1839.  The Clark brothers were extremely involved in the startup community. Together, they build a dam, grist mill, opened a general store, as well as a fish hatchery. Jeremiah was the township supervisor for a number of years. In 1842, the population of voted to name the town Clarkston.



Short Time Lapse of Main St