(8) Town Ice Cream Shop. Clarkston, MI

            This property was bought by Daniel Addis in 1895 and passed on to his son Roy Addis, who operated a soda and candy shop until the mid 1930s. This was a meeting place for the new wave of vacationers that came with the rise of personal automobiles. The menu of the shop in 1921 was printed in the local newspaper, published by Clarkston State Bank. The listed prices are as follows.

  •       Sparkling Ginger Ale 10c
  •       Coca Cola 5c
  •       Sodas, All Flavors 10c
  •       Plain Malted Milk 20c
  •       Malted Milk With Egg 25c
  •       Ice Cream:
  •       Chocolate Strawberry
  •       Vanilla
  •       Excellent Hot Weather Drinks Made with Pure Syrups
  •       Fruits
  •       Connor’s High Grade Ice Cream
  •       (War Tax Extra)